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Les Amis du Château

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The association

Amis du Château de Menthon

The “AMIS du CHÂTEAU de MENTHON” association was founded in 2018 on the initiative of Maurice de MENTHON and his brother, Pierre-Henri de MENTHON, owners of Château de MENTHON-SAINT-BERNARD since 2016. They represent the 22nd generation since Jean I de MENTHON (1190), whose various documents and deeds are preserved in the château archives.


The “AMIS du CHÂTEAU de MENTHON” association is open not only to family members, but also to anyone interested in the Château de Menthon-Saint-Bernard and its history.

Become a friend of the association

Become a member of ``Les Amis du Château de Menthon``

The association’s mission is to

To contribute to the conservation, restoration, protection and accessibility of the Château de Menthon, as well as the outbuildings, garden and park, which are listed as Historic Monuments.

To help maintain and develop the reputation of the Château de Menthon, particularly in terms of Savoie and French history.

To encourage all forms of art likely to be hosted at the Château de Menthon, to welcome the public, students and researchers interested in the subjects of which the Château de Menthon offers outstanding examples; and to contribute to the teaching of the said subjects.

Become a Friend of Château de Menthon

By becoming a member of the association, you support these objectives and help to raise the profile of this exceptional Haute-Savoie heritage.

The membership card entitles you to :

Free admission to historical conferences and gardens.

Privileged access to events organized by the Association des Amis du Château de Menthon and to the Légendes Botaniques contemporary art biennial.

Participation in the Association’s Annual General Meeting.

All you need to do is :

To pay the annual membership fee, set for 2024 at :

  • 30 € for individual membership
  • 50 € for couple membership
  • 60 € or more for the support fee


Payment can be made :

– by cheque made payable to “Les Amis du Château de Menthon” association
– or by bank transfer: IBAN FR76 1009 6182 2000 0701 4460 147
– or on the Hello Asso website:

You can also contact us at

Every day : from 10am to 7pm
July & August

Full price (from 15 years old): 11 €
Reduced rate (under 15 years old) : 6 €
Groups (from 10 people): on request

Château de Menthon Saint Bernard
Allée du Château
74290 Menthon-Saint-Bernard